Dehumidifier reviews

We have independently reviewed the best selling and best Amazon ranking dehumidifiers. For each dehumidifier review we consider the following:

  1. Performance – in terms of extraction rate, power consumption and noise
  2. Features – what key features does the dehumidifier include?
  3. Portability – how easy it it to move the unit around the house?

We also summarise each view with a straightforward “Pros & Cons” assessment and an honest “would we buy?” opinion.

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1. Prem-i-Air EH1220 


Price bracket: Budget

Pros: Good performance for price

Cons: Lacking in features. No humidistat. Small water tank. Noise

2. Ecoair DD322FW Simple 

Ecoair DD322FW Simple

Price bracket: Top

Pros: High performing unit. Has all the features you would need. 2 year warranty

Cons: Expensive. Portability may be an issue for some

3. Ecoair DD122FW MK5 Classic

EcoAir DD122FW MK5 Classic

Price bracket: Mid-range

Pros: Good mid priced dehumidifier with good performance and excellent features. Timer function. 2 year warranty

Cons: No major negative areas but just watch using “high” modes for long periods (to avoid big electricity bills)

4. DeLonghi DES12

DeLonghi DES12

Price bracket: Mid-range

Pros: Solid performance with a 2 year warranty. Low energy consumption

Cons: Lacking in features compared to the competition at this price

5. Dimplex DXDH10N

Dimplex DXDH10N

Price bracket: Budget

Pros: Low price and good performance. Nice design. Simple to use

Cons: Noise and portability could be an issue for some people