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Ecoair DD122FW MK5 Classic dehumidifier review

EcoAir DD122FW MK5 ClassicPros: Good mid-priced dehumidifier with good performance and excellent features. Timer function. 2 year warranty

Cons: No major negative areas but just watch using “high” modes for long periods (to avoid big electricity bills)

Would we buy? Yes! This is a well priced, high performing unit but its the list of features that make this unit stand out. Currently our “best buy” read more

Ecoair DD322FW Simple dehumidifier review

Ecoair DD322FW Simple buttonPros: High performing unit. Has all the features you would need. 2 year warranty

Cons: Expensive. Portability may be an issue for some

Would we buy? This is one of the most expensive dehumidifiers reviewed but has all the features and performance you would expect at this price. If you intend to use in a larger room or need the extra features then this should be on your “to buy” list read more